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May 21, 2012

sandal suggestions & outfit work to play

I've been pretty smitten with this j.crew striped blouse since I first spotted it and I knew y'all would be too.
It looks like a fab piece to wear to work or on the weekends.
What do you think?
And speaking of, how was your weekend?
Mine was great but went by WAY TOO FAST!
I did have a blowout on my thora sandals while at the mall on Saturday and quickly walked down to Saks to possibly buy another pair of Tory Burch sandals.  The sales girl was awful.  Chick was straight rude.  I explained the situation and that I was pretty annoyed that a flip flop that cost over $100 would break and I wasn't convinced I wanted another of the exact pair and maybe needed a different style.  She looked at the bottom of the shoe in my hand and snotted out, well they do look pretty worn.  You've clearly had these at least a year.  
Sure have.
And I've had rainbows last for over 10 years
Jack Rogers that I've been rocking for 5+
Oh, and a pair of black generics from KMart that I can't remember when bought.
Not one of them caused me to go barefoot at the mall.
I wasn't trying to get a free pair.  In fact, I was about to drop some silly cash on a new pair of shoes.
Needless to say her attitude pissed me off and I hobbled back to my car with one shoe on and one shoe off.
So now I'm in the predicament of what to buy next.
I liked my thoras.
I like that at the end of the day they're flip flops but they could be dressed up when needed.
But they certainly didn't have "excessive wear".  I can assure you I'm lazier than that.
So what do I buy instead?


  1. What a little biatch. I have to say all my TB shoes have held up really well and most of them I have had 5+ years. I have not had one pair break. So don't turn your back on Tory yet:) Love the blouse, it would look great on you!

  2. That awful. Both the thoras and the sales lady. I love those sandals you posted above,very chic and cute!

  3. I hate rude salespeople. What is the point? Good luck on your shoe quest.

  4. My TB shoes don't seem to hold up either but Im also REALLY hard on shoes so it might just be me! Boo for rude sales people though.

  5. I love the J.Crew striped top too!

    I can't believe that girl was rude like that. I worked at Nordstrom and I doubt that ever would've happened there... though of course some people are just always like that! I pretty much stick with Jack Rogers but I also love my Sam Edelman Gigi sandals!!


  6. My tory burch thin flip flops (the rubber ones) broke too....both of them! I wear them all the time so i just took them to a shoe repair store. I did buy another pair just to have 2 pair in rotation and they've held up fine. I hate rude sales people. Definitely wouldn't have happened at Nordstrom. They would have apologized and given you a new pair!! Good luck with the shoes!!

  7. What a betch. Pretty sure if she works on commission she's broke.

    That striped blouse is divine! I wants it bad.

    Xx. Patience

  8. What a biatch, sometimes I hate sales people! I'm a Jack Rogers girl in the summer, I've tried other sandals/flip flops but I just keep going back to those- sorry I'm not help!

  9. Oh no! I had the same experience with a pair of thoras! I just threw mine out but my friend who had a similar experience took her shoes back to the Tory Burch store and she got a new pair! You should contact them! I love my Jacks and Sam Edelman Gigi sandals - I actually did a post on sandals today too! Good luck!

  10. I'd go to the Tory store. My wallet broke and they repaired ir right away, and said they would have replaced it if they couldn't repair it. And I'd stick to Nordys if you have one-they gave me a brand new pair of Revas a year after I bought them because they still felt too small!

  11. Ugh...Saks in Richmond. Snob fest sales people. Seriously. I will not buy anything there b/c they have always been so rude!

  12. Serious. You are a biatch. I need that top immediately!!

  13. Ooooh, I love that top!! I finally posted my blue skinnies today...thanks for your great boards!!


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