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Friday Love

February 21, 2014

I'm glad we all made it to Friday. This has been an especially long week.  Thankfully no snow and no school closings, yet the week still lasted forever.  Our internet was out for 24 hours Wednesday afternoon lunchtime yesterday so I apologize for the unexpected silence. Again.  I'm fully dosed up on more antibiotics because I have yet another sinus infection.  That makes for lots of cranky.  Do y'all get chronic sinus infections this time of year?  Any suggestions for prevention?

1. Y'all already know I'm a big fan of leopard and stripes and pink.  But I'm going to try to step out of my comfort zone and take more colorful risks in my fashion choices this Spring.  Now that I officially no longer have toddlers crawling around on the floor I'm going to go back to my more lady-like roots and step out in skirts and dresses a bit more.  I think I need this skirt and these leopard shoes to kick it off in style.

2.  I'm also going to need these espadrilles for Spring.  Like maybe I should order them now to guarantee they end up in my Easter Basket.

3. I think this cake just may be the most amazing dessert ever.  Someone needs to make it for me.

4.  This particular map may only be funny to those of y'all local or familiar with Richmond but I literally laughed out loud when I saw it.  Apparently they've done them for many cities so be sure to check if your hometown made the list.

5.  I'm a huge fan of Alaina's plans for a ladyplace bar.  I might be a mom with two kids, but y'all know I'm a fan of carving out some real estate for myself in our new house.  One just like this.

6. I officially need this pink buffalo check dress as well.  Just add it to the list.

7. I want this necklace to wear with this outfit.  Just call it casual glam.

8. I'm loving this fresh room makeover.  It was designed for a little girl but so many of the ideas would work for a little boy as well.  Tagg would love to have a little hide-out bed like this. 

9. I'm obsessed with this porch.  It's making me want to re-think my stance on neutrals in favor of adding in lots more color in our house.  I've also decided we need to screen in part of our desk.  Like tomorrow.

10. How fun would this banner be for Wells' Birthday?

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  1. That pink skirt with leopard shoes..... Soooo pretty! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Sinus infections are the worst, feel better! and love your idea to step out of your comfort zone! Have a great weekend friend!

  3. What a fun round-up! Yes, I LOL'd at the Richmond map - hilarious and semi-true :)

  4. Such fun things! Love that Judgmental Map - wish they had one for DC!

  5. YAY for Friday! Hope you feel better soon. I am right there with you - it's time for skirts and dresses again. That's a positive to our babies growing up. Love the pink and leopard too but all the new Lilly is calling my name.

  6. So many fun links. I want new clothes and shoes for spring! Ive already started purging and buying :) I want to make that banana cake; I love banana everything. Cute buffalo check room. Have a great weekend sweets!
    xo Nancy

  7. Love that pink & leopard combo! Sorry you are sick again, that's the worst! When I have been super stuffed up during this pregnancy, I've used a neti pot. Weirdest thing ever to get used to (like jumping into the ocean and purposely getting it up your nose), but crazy effective. Just make sure you sterilize the water first. Not a cure but it might help relieve some of the symptoms while the antibiotics do their work.

  8. Please buy the pink buffalo check dress and wear it on the pink porch and patio (I would love to sit out there with some wine - what a great spot they have)!!

  9. Boo on the sinus infection- they're the worst! I used to get them all the time until I had sinus surgery and now I haven't had one in years. Love that judgemental map- too funny!

  10. Adore that first image, the perfect combo! And that pink dress is just darling, you would look so cute in it for sure! Hope you feel better, get lots of rest! XoXo

  11. Have you ever tried the neti pot? I used to get sinus infections all the time, but once I started using that at the first sign of congestion, runny nose, etc. it has never amounted to anything needing medication. You have to do it religiously every couple hours though until you think your symptoms are clearing up!

  12. So sorry you are sick! I'm the same way--lots of sinus issues. Had 2 sinus surgeries. I use Ayr, a saline spray alternative to the neti pot. Moms of 3 don't have time to deal w/ the neti pot. I'm hoping when my kids get older I'll stop getting their colds. Also, every day I take zyrtec which I think helps drain the gunk that builds up & causes infection.

  13. The drunk Denny's on Broad had us all cracking up! (Among MANY others on there...)

  14. Oil of Oregano and a netti pot will get rid of that sinus infection!

  15. Love everything in this post, BUT...oh em gee! That porch! Wow...a chandelier! I want one!

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