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November 20, 2014

Blue and Pink Guest Room

I've decided to finally get our guest room in order.  It has been such a dumping ground/tool/paint room since the day we moved in and I'm tired of looking at that every time I walk to my bedroom.  We brought the bed up from Pawleys this past June but that did little to improve the space.  The room is much smaller than the other bedrooms and I have been having a hard time with furniture placement.  I tried to avoid placing the bed under the window although I'm not really sure why.  It's really the best spot and I love walking into a made bed. 

So far the plan for this room is to look polished and cheerful using all things I already own.   Yes, no real plans to purchase anything new when we already have so many nice things around the house.  Plus I hate to spend money on a guest room when we have a never ending list of things in rooms we use daily.  There is an upholstered headboard but it's sitting low to the floor and hidden by the Euro Shams.  I plan on recovering the fabric and having Matthew add longer legs to raise it just above the sham height.

I'm also thinking about selling that white chair.  I absolutely love it but honestly I've been hoarding it for going on 10 years and it's just never really found a good home.  It's too big to fit at the desk and that's silly to keep it when it seems to always be in the way. I know a ghost chair would look amazing in here so that might be the only place I splurge on something new.

Currently the wall color is one coat of Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore.  At this point we either need to finish painting the gray or switch to something else.  I'm leaning towards a color but I really have no idea what to do.  I'm really only good with neutrals. 

On the other hand, I plan on hanging the curtain panels (not the cornices) from Wells' nursery in Pawleys to frame the window.  They are white matelasse with a chartreuse trim.  Pink, blue, and chartreuse is quite the bold color scheme for me.  All that color might need a nice bright white background.



  1. What a charming space. Very cozy and welcoming, exactly what a guest room should be. I thought of your home when I finished this loveseat recently:
    I adore your blue & white scheme. I so wish it wouldn't take a total re-do to make it work in my own home.

  2. How inviting a guest room. Maybe a nice smokey gray like the stripes in your rug? I agree though if you hang the green in there neutral is best :)

  3. BM Pale Oak is a great neutral but with a little more color, or I love BM Grant Beige but darker. BM Gray Cashmere is my favorite in the blue/green/gray family when I want color!

  4. I say white or Ben Moore's Wickham Gray. It's so light and clean looking and the pinks will look amazing against it!

  5. i think i might have to have a color intervention when i see you next week!!!!!!

  6. Looks great!! I love the pink and blue and like the light colors of the walls but I'm also a neutral girl,


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