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July 25, 2012

Office design (one room challenge)

So it's week five of six and I decided on Sunday night to get a whole new game plan for my office.  Not just the furniture arrangement, but the color scheme as well.  It was just too much bright color for me and a mismatch of items that hadn't found a home elsewhere in our house didn't help.  I realized what I needed was some traditional elements thrown in to ground things.
And we all decided last week that coral and animal print is the way to win over any crowd.
I removed the long white table and gallery wall and replaced it with a desk from the living room.  I thought, what the the hell, why not put the computer on an actual desk and not the dining room table.  And why not put the long narrow display table on the long narrow wall in the living room under the stairs.  
Brain Science my friends.  
Then I got really crazy and figured I could actually have my whole office on this one smaller wall in the dining room.  You know put my inspiration board above my computer where I can see it.  And hang my magnetic board where I can actually reach it.
This also alleviates trying to decorate that giant wall behind the dining room table where the computer used to sit.
Annnnnnnnd, now I have a cleared off space to sit down and eat.  In the dining room.
Function my friends.  Function.
So let's take a look friends.
Of course the picture is misleading because I've photoshopped in a few projects that I've yet to tackle just to help you visualize along with me.
This time it's laziness and not fear.  I will get to those projects slowly but surely.
We love it, yes?

 So here's what we're really working with.  Not quite as amazing as what's pictured aove, but much improved though right?

And here's a refresher, the wall on the left side in the picture below is what we're working with.
And just in case you're new, below is how the space looked in the beginning of this challenge.
It's getting crazy up in here.

So as of now my office improvement list includes:
1.  organize and style bookshelves.  Every item must have an office related purpose or just be pretty to stay.  More baskets are a must.
2.  Remove molding from the ceiling above bookshelves and build in a top shelf.  Reattach molding.  Creating completely floor to ceiling built-ins.  Beg/bribe Matthew to complete this project for me.
3.  Paint said built-ins black.
4.  Paint desk coral
5.  Spray paint the bulletin board frame in gold because we all know how I feel about gold spray paint.
6.  Buy and attach leopard fabric to said bulletin board transforming it to inspiration board.
7.  Buy black shade for the lamp
8.  Find small area rug (preferably kilim or other badass persian rug) to help define the space

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  1. I am loving what you are working with. This is going to be awesome!! The black is just what the doctor ordered.

  2. Love the desk you moved you in and kilim rug would look great in there. Plus now you have me gaga over black shelves.

  3. Looking good! Still loving the black shelves too.

  4. Heck yeah I'm loving it! The new arrangement makes a lot more sense for how you'll use the space, and that desk going coral is going to be badass!

  5. Looking good girl! I love the framed leopard print, I will be copying that and love the new desk color!

  6. I love the new direction! The pink desk and dark bookcases are gorgeous.. Best of luck!

  7. This looks so good. I must practice more on photoshop. I agree with Natalie, I can't stop thinking about the black shelves. You know I love that long table....where did you decide to place that? That lamp is so fab, by the way.

  8. I love where this room is going!!! I am SO looking forward to your big reveal!! Such a fan of the black on the shelves too! P.S. Your photoshop skills ROCK!

  9. Oh sweetie i'm loving it! You're going to rock this out I know. Can't wait to see you finish it up.

  10. I like the change! I think this is a very smart idea! Love the long table too!

  11. Looking so forward to the reveal - you will have
    a busy week!

  12. It's looking amazing. Can't wait to see what else you do!

  13. GURL - you got this. Just do it. YOu'll be so satisfied come August 1st. This is a great idea! Too bad youre in RIC - or else I could give you the black lampshade I just took OFF my ORC room... :)

  14. Oh wow! It looks wonderful! I really like the little touches of color here and there that pop.

  15. This is gonna look great girl! Can't wait to see those bookshelves. Hang in there, only one more week!

  16. The best results come when we are inspired to change direction. Great ideas! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  17. Your room is definitely coming along! I adore that floral lamp. That Mac screen is pretty sexy, too! :)

  18. love the new direction! that's perfecct! and from the photoshopping, it looks like those book cases will become black afterall? YAH!

  19. Your office is looking amazing. How great to have pieces that you can swap out from around the house! I am dying to see the black shelves..I saved a bunch of your pics from last week...I just know I have to do it too...someday:)

  20. Your ideas are developing moment by moment! That's the best way. I'm working on a desk space in my kitchen "nook" and thanks to the help of my husband, I have about finished. Can't wait to see it next week!

  21. Hi Julia, you've made so much happen -- it's looking incredible! Can't wait to see it next week!

  22. It's looking fabulous Julia!

  23. A lot is going to happen in the next week, I can tell! Looking forward to the next installment, and love your inspiration boards.

    - Holly

  24. Your room is coming together beautifully! Love the idea of a painted coral desk. I kind of like the white shade instead of black on your lamp too:) It's going to be so great when you complete it!

  25. I love your new direction, Julia. Coral desk, leopard print bulletin board and black shelves? Yes, yes and yes please!

    I am so excited to see the big reveal next week! I know this room will look absolutely gorgeous and stylish!


  26. Oh I love what you are doing in here and so envious! I want a pretty office!! I cannot wait to see those dark shelves!!

  27. I love the mood board, but hope that you have some helpful elves to help you accomplish that list by next week. Love the coral and animal print together.

  28. That is quite a list, but I always work better under pressure! It is looking amazing! I am going to try my hand with gold spray paint as well, living dangerously!

  29. Yes.....form and function! But I have to tell you....your list is huge. It would drive me to direction is good!

  30. You are a photoshop goddess. Your vision is perfection and your reality is well on its way to being there! I vow my own house will be as awesome as yours one day. xo

  31. Julia,
    I'm a relatively new follower and I have to ask... did you buy or make the fabulous (giant!) chalkboard with the green frame? I've been searching for one for my kitchen and can never find one that I like. Yours, I absolutely love!!!

  32. oh my goodness, it is going to look fabulous!!

  33. Love that you changed everything up at the last min. Whatever you do I'm sure its going to be perfect!


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