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July 26, 2012

Second Birthday & Randoms around the house

AKA:  The phone pics dump
Happy Second Birthday to my dear sweet little Buggie Wells.
You are the most clever, kind, articulate, snuggly, funny, little baby girl/big sister in the world. 
I'm going to keep it short and random this morning because I've got a balloon/beat band singalong/tea party to attend to in the next room.

Tagg sleeping through a little pool swimming
Wells taking a little milk bot break at the pool.  Her current most favorite place in the world.
 Wells is also a big fan of playing golf with her daddy.  She wanted to make sure the babies (fondly named One Baby and Two Baby) got to ride in the cart.  So sweet.

 So I'm officially a middle part convert.  It's been two weeks and I'm still loving it.  A few of you mentioned in my last hair post that you were jelly beans over my natural waves.  Don't kid yourselves, this is the work of the curling wand my friends and nothing more.  My hair is way too nappy without some heated guidance and a lot of hairspray.  I've always used my straightener to make waves, but I tell you, I'm a convert to the wand.  The style is so much better and you have tons of control over the size of the curls.  If you don't have a curling wand, go buy one now!
And just to prove it to you, here is a picture of my hair curled with my straightener the day before I bought the wand .  
 Plus it came with this creepy little three finger glove.  I mean seriously.

 Also, it seems our sweet little TWO YEAR OLD is not only into interior design, but fashion as well.  I am so proud!
 And for those of y'all yesterday who were asking where my long white table from the office went, well here she is sitting along the stairwell wall.  No judging, it still needs to be styled.  And the wonky lampshade corrected apparently as well.

Also, I'm beyond obsessed with this coral and greek key bolster pillow from Furbish.
Wells requested it for her Birthday so feel free to send her one too!

And of course I couldn't resist posting a picture of our sweet baby girl on the day we brought her home.
Two years old already.  Geeze.
Hope everyone else has a happy thursday!



  1. Julia, I love the curling wand look! Never heard of one. I need one! Love Wells in her Lilly suit. Evie loves her Lilly suits too. I like the white table in front of the stairs and you will have so much fun playing around with it.

  2. Ok adorable pics of my baby wells!!! Love your table! And that pic of you and Matthew! Happy bday wells!!

  3. Happy Birthday Wells! She has no choice but to be stylish being the daughter of such a fab momma :)

  4. I am too uncoorindated to figure out how to use my curling wand. I vote for a demo post! And Wells is just too cute- one baby and town baby! Hee.

  5. Edited to correct my spelling- uncoordinated, and two baby.

    My baby left me in serious need of caffeine and spell check this morning.

  6. love where the white long table ended up! can't wait to see your office revamp/ reveal next week! and love love love the names Tagg and Wells.

  7. Your hair looks great - you're a dead ringer for beautiful Natalie Portman!

    Happy birthday to Wells - she looks like a baby doll in the hospital pic!

  8. aww happy birthday to her!!!

    and ps - i need to know how to use my straightener as a curling iron. ive been trying ever since i cut my hair off to do loose beachy waves with my straighter LIKE EVERYONE SAYS I CAN, but I can't FIGURE IT OUT!!!

  9. Your babies are so sweet and your hair is looking fab. :) Happy Birthday Wells!

  10. Happy Birthday to your sweet adorable Wells! Such a pretty girl. And I LOVE the middle part. You and your hubby are so cute.

    XOXO, Sam

  11. Awww - such a sweet post - the time just flies doesn't it? Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

  12. AnonymousJuly 26, 2012

    Happy Birthday to Wells! That glove is just so wrong. I am now inspired to find this curling wand of which you boys will go bonkers over that glove, so it'll be a two-in-one purchase :)

  13. How cute are Wells and Tag? I heart them and I really heart baby one and baby two. Love your hair like seriosuly it is gorg I may need a tutorial when you visit. Two years does indeed fly by in the blink of an eye.

  14. Good to know that the wand is legit...I may need to invest! The curls looks fab on you!!! Happy Happy 2nd to adorable Wells!!! :)

  15. Cute post!! I miss my children being that age!

  16. Love the family pic...Wells looks like a doll baby on the day she came home. Precious. I can't wait for Avery to be bigger and do funny things with dolls. Ah, little girls melt my heart!

  17. I have a curling want too and love it so much. Happy Birthday Wells!

  18. You leave the sweetest notes for me.. thank you so much :) :) I need to go see about this wand... xx

  19. That picture of you two bringing her home is so sweet! She is such a cutie pie.

  20. I dare you to wear that 3 finger glove to dinner. Ya know, with maybe a lilly dress or something you look amaze in the self pic of the hair with the wand and I'm jeal.....but still love you....sorry for the trendballs para phrasing =) xo shel


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