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August 5, 2014

Serena and Lily Summer Sale

Y'all know my most favorite sale for home decor of the year is the Serena & Lily Summer Sale!  Almost everything in Wells' room came from Serena and Lily and we have been so happy with the style and the quality.  Many of the items in her room below are part of the sale in various colorways.  Also included, the linen bedskirt from Tagg's room.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on a few new favorites.  I'm thinking about snagging this shower curtain and these pajamas (girl and boy).  Or this raffia runner I've had my eye on since first seeing them here.  And the rolling storage crates I wanted to use in the playroom are also on sale.


  1. Cutest room ever! So happy you won that contest - amazing!

  2. Thanks for hosting. Have a great week. I love that bedroom makeover. So pretty.

  3. Thank you! Didn't realize it was S&L sale- thanks for reminder!


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