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December 11, 2014

Christmas Decorations: Wreath (12 days of Christmas)

Hey y'all!  Thanks for stopping by on my second day of the 12 Days of Christmas!  It's a much needed way to keep me accountable for getting in the Christmas Spirit!  If wasn't already obvious, I've gone colorful for Christmas this year.  In fact, like I mentioned before, I'm going for a pink + red + green + black and white Kate Spade inspired Christmas decor.  Such a fun twist on traditional but also a huge leap away from my standard silver and gold.  Today I'm sharing a really simple Christmas Wreath that is center stage for my Christmas decorations.  I like big impact items that are simple and inexpensive!

As much as I love the look and smell of fresh greenery we just can't do it in our house.  It really aggravates our allergies and the last thing we need is more itching, sneezing, and wheezing around here.  Thankfully there are some really pretty ways to spruce up the plain jane faux wreaths and greenery you can find at every store. 

I picked up a few of these faux wreaths last week from Hobby Lobby for $5 each and a few giant pre-made red velvet ribbons for $2 each.  Done and done.  I put one on each of the windows in our dining room.  My main focus of decorating this year is in our dining room.

But then I had an extra that I wanted to try something different with so I went back and purchased a few containers of pink ornaments.  Everything at hobby lobby was 50% off so they were $2.50 per pack and I only needed one large pack and two smaller bulb packs with a few to spare.  I actually planned to use this as a table display to I just nestled the ornaments right on top.  But because it was such an inexpensive project and the greenery is faux I decided to go back and hot glue the ornaments directly on to the wreath so I could use this for years to come.

I splurged on a bright red berry wreath (a $60 homegoods find) that makes a crazy awesome impact from the street.  I added a simple pink grosgrain ribbon to tie it on and introduce my color scheme.  I asked my parents for a painted new six panel glass storm door for my Birthday and I had finally settled on mint green.  But now I'm back to wanting hot pink.  Guess you'll have to stay tuned to see those final results hopefully in the next few weeks!

So tell me, do you go for a more traditional scheme for Christmas or do bend the rules and go wild?  I'm really excited about these colorful touches to our house and it's got me rethinking our usual neutral scheme the other 11 months of year!


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  1. Great idea! I've got a few of those wreaths as well and tons of left over ornaments. You've got me thinking... :)

    1. I know! I have tons and tons of ornaments but didn't really want to just fill up jars this year. Such a cheap project if you only need the wreath! xo

  2. Cute pink wreath! I stick with classics-I have several basic wreaths and boxwood wreaths and change out ribbons each year depending upon my mood, this year I went with a traditional plaid and just love it! I also really liked several bloggers' black and white ribbon themes.

    1. me too! I am thisclose to going to Micheals to get some! Your's sounds so lovely! xo


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